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Station Square | CoDesign Workshop 3

Station Square | CoDesign Workshop 3

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Our next Codesign workshop, the third in the Station Square series, will be held on Thursday June 4th from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at All Saints Church on Blenheim Grove.

The first two workshops have been enormously helpful in informing our design approach and we are very grateful to those who attended and to the people who have sent in thoughts and comments subsequently. Here are the slides from the last workshop, along with your feedback, if you would like to see what local people had to say when we met on April 16th.

The third workshop will focus specifically on options for the square in front of the station. Those of you who attended the last workshop will recall that we identified some complex engineering issues associated with the removal of the northern section of the retail arcade in front of the station which supports part of Platform 3. We need to work through this with Network Rail’s engineering team before progressing with the design of the Square itself. This is taking a little longer than we first thought, so we have moved the date of the workshop from late May to early June to give us sufficient time to understand and respond to the important views of the rail engineers responsible for the platform structures.

We will send out flyers to local residents and businesses a few days before the workshop, as well as social media reminders nearer the time. Please come and join us if you can….and spread the word!