Peckham Rye Station Square – Co Design Workshop 01

Peckham Rye Station Square – Co Design Workshop 01



Landolt + Brown’s team are very grateful to the large number of people who attended our first Peckham Rye Station Square workshop and for the creative way in which the Co Designers responded to the challenge of turning the Atlas of Aspirations into a well-informed, imaginative and practical brief for the project. We were also delighted that Southwark’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, Mark Williams, was able to join us for the entire workshop.

We will be providing a summary of what you told us at the first workshop shortly. In the meantime, these are the slides we used as our introduction on Tuesday 17th March. They start with some background slides on the work of Landolt + Brown, using other projects which share similarities in terms of working with historic buildings, or resolving practical issues that share common threads with the challenges facing us all at Peckham Rye. This is followed by drawings which explain the physical scope of our commission, along with the adjacent projects which we need to be aware of to make sure our design for the Square fits within a cohesive strategy for the town centre. The final few slides provide a timeline for the current design process and our thoughts on how and when the Co Designers will input between now and the submission of a planning application in June.

We will be organising our next Co Design workshop during the week commencing 13th April to begin the process of testing options for the key parts of the project, based on the feedback we received in the first workshop. We will keep the Co Designers informed of the exact date and location as soon we have booked an appropriate, local venue and we hope all of you will come again and spread the word to other local people.

If you would like more information on the work Landolt + Brown presented, or if you want to know a little more about the members of our team, we have compiled a project-specific wordpress site which you can access here

Thank you all again for your time, insight, creativity and enthusiasm.  

Adam Brown

Landolt + Brown