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Peckham Co-Design is process by which Southwark Council wish to work with local people to understand and realise the aspirations for sites around Peckham.

The initial Co-design process was commissioned by Southwark council in 2014 to examine new visions for the area around Peckham Rye Station. The Co-Design Shop was, based in the grand old staircase to the left of the station entrance and hosted meetings, discussions, exhibitions workshops and editorials, led by creative team Ash Sakula and WHAT IF:projects in partnership with the people of Peckham.  Co-Design has engaged writers, urbanists, horticulturalists, artists, filmmakers, poets, activists and visionaries in the process.

In March 2015 Southwark council appointed Landolt + Brown to take forward the designs for Peckham Rye Station square, building on the Atlas of Aspirations. Updates on the design Development will be posted here.

Peckham Library Square Co-Design  is another project commissioned by Southwark Council to envision a better future for Peckham Library Square led by Carl Turner Architects can be found here